“APPOintment for:”

The anthology series “Appointment for:” is an psychological thriller about the audition culture in Los Angeles. The core theme is the further losing of self within the roles and process in the cut-throat industry. we will tackle several different perspectives within the stories and hope to create diversity in experiences, culture, and characterization.

similar to: black mirror, room 104, black swan.


EPIsode 1 - “appointment for: evan” *script in development*

a woman rehearses her monologue at home as she juggles with her crying baby, cooperative ex-husband, and her constant paranoia agains prying neighbors.


episode 2 - ”appointment for: lee” *treatment in development*

a woman wildly struggling with self image is forced to look in the mirror for a theater audition.


episode 3 - “appointment for: tray” *treatment in development*

a man shows up to a commercial audition he’s poured his heart into only to find out every one in the room literally looks like him.